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Malia Johnson Photography February 6, 2010

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So our old neighbor, Malia Johnson, is giving a free session this month and I wanna try my luck. She’s a great photographer! I love her style and her photos. You should check out her blog and her portfolio. It’s great! This is the link to her giveaway: 100th Post and a Giveaway


Charlee Leila February 19, 2009

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Hannah Gellor, our friend who went with us to the Big Island with her family, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl on Feb. 17th, 2009. It was the day after we got back to Oahu after our trip from the Big Island (click here). She was one tough momma the whole time we were there. She only went to the doctor last Tuesday as another appointment for a check-up. It turned out to be her “giving birth” day.. hehe! She was supposed to be due next week, but since the placenta wasn’t nourishing their baby anymore, the doctor suggested/asked if Hannah wanted to give birth that day (since it’s going to be a c-section again). At least their baby was healthy this time and was born with no complications, unlike with Niobe. They named their newborn Charlee Leila Aracena-Gellor. She weighed 5.1 lbs.

My friend, Lei, sent me some of her scrapbooking supplies last week which I received on Tuesday. And since she sent me lots of “it’s a girl!” scrapbook stuff, I thought to make a greeting card for Hannah. I still have so much room for improvement, though. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

with my handmade envelope

with my handmade envelope

Front cover

Front cover




Tagged November 19, 2008

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8 Things About Me
8 favorite TV shows
We don’t have TV & I haven’t really spent a long time watching TV since 2004.. hehehe…

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. ate and ate and ate
2. took a nap
3. watched National Geographic videos
4. folded our clothes
5. went to our friend’s birthday celebration
6. played with Niobe
7. waited for Jesse to finish playing NBA Live
8. wrestled a little with Jesse before going to bed

8 Things to Look Forward To:
1. December!
2. baby
3. immigration stuff getting done…
4. bigger clothes
5. date nights (hopefully)
6. first trimester of my pregnancy is almost done!
7. big tummy & Daddy Jesse
8. seeing my parents again next year (hopefully)

8 Favorite Resturants
1. Jollibee
2. Subway
3. Cheesecake Factory
4. Golden Coin
5. Maxx’s
6. Panda Express
7. ChowKing
8. Luring’s

8 Things on my Wish List:
1. healthy baby
2. be nearer to Filipino grocery stores or restaurants (for my cravings.. haha)
3. Cricut
4. Canon’s Rebel XSi (or similar kind of camera)
5. no more rainy days before we leave Hawaii next month (i want to go to the beach!)
6. stamps & inks (for scrapbooking)
7. weekend dates?!? 😛
8. see my mom & dad next year…

8 people I tag: Sam, Jesse, ate Shey, Lei, Mariana, Ashley, Asenath, & Sta. Claus 😛


Crazy Singing Bird November 11, 2008

I was just surfing youtube for animated videos and I came across these. I thought they were kinda funny:


Gingerbread Haka November 9, 2008

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I was watching this video the other day with my friends, and I thought it was cute. If you are really familiar with the Haka war dance of the New Zealand/Maori people, this video will make you smile.

this is a haka dance:


Lanikea Beach October 27, 2008

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On Sept. 27, 2008 Jesse took me out for lunch at Ted’s Bakery. I had their bacon cheeseburger for the first time. It was good! 

Afterwards, we went to Lanikea Beach to check out some sea turtles. We were hoping we would see at least one sea turtle but we saw tons of them! 3 were on the shore, and some were by the breaking point of the waves by the shore. It was picture perfect if only I had a good camera. Every time the waves by the shore were a little bit higher, you could see the turtles swimming underwater. You could see them above the small reefs. So beautiful!

Jesse looked like a big kid who visited a zoo for the first time. He was having a good time watching this one honu (sea turtle) feed on some seaweeds. He wanted to see him/her crawl back to the ocean but every time it was about to go back to the ocean, it would stop and feed on the seaweeds again. So cute!


Pregnancy Questionnaire

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I googled a pregnancy questionnaire just for fun & this is what I’ve found so far:

Q: When are you due?
A: June 17ish, 2009 but it’s not definite yet. We still need to go back for an ultrasound.

Q: Was this planned?
A: Yes, but still so surprising!!

Q: Have you been sick at all?
A: Not at all.. I am sooo lucky… & I guess Jesse is SOOOOO lucky too! 😛

Q: Do you have names?
A: It’s hard to decide with Jesse.. 😛 J/k… We have quite a few in mind…

Q: Boy or Girl?
A: Not sure yet. As long as the baby is healthy, any gender is ok.

Q: Are you scared?
A: I’m scared of having my water break (someday) & realizing that our car’s battery is waay dead (like it does once in a while) & we still have to travel for an hour to the nearest hospital. I’m scared of going through labor & giving birth, yes! I’m scared just having the thought of getting an epidural.. yikes! (even though right now I don’t think I’ll need that… who knows) But they say it doesn’t hurt at all (‘coz going through labor is worse, I guess?) But I’m waay excited, otherwise.

Q: What has been your favorite thing about being pregnant?
A: My pregnancy still couldn’t sink in my mind because I don’t feel like I’m pregnant at all! Everything’s just so normal except I get so tired & hungry easily. I still cook our meals even though sometimes I hate the smell of the food. When my belly grows humongous, then I would probably know what is my favorite thing about being pregnant. Maybe for now, when the ob-gyne performed a vaginal ultrasound on me was my favorite thing about being pregnant. I saw a very tiny living thing inside me!