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Charlee Leila February 19, 2009

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Hannah Gellor, our friend who went with us to the Big Island with her family, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl on Feb. 17th, 2009. It was the day after we got back to Oahu after our trip from the Big Island (click here). She was one tough momma the whole time we were there. She only went to the doctor last Tuesday as another appointment for a check-up. It turned out to be her “giving birth” day.. hehe! She was supposed to be due next week, but since the placenta wasn’t nourishing their baby anymore, the doctor suggested/asked if Hannah wanted to give birth that day (since it’s going to be a c-section again). At least their baby was healthy this time and was born with no complications, unlike with Niobe. They named their newborn Charlee Leila Aracena-Gellor. She weighed 5.1 lbs.

My friend, Lei, sent me some of her scrapbooking supplies last week which I received on Tuesday. And since she sent me lots of “it’s a girl!” scrapbook stuff, I thought to make a greeting card for Hannah. I still have so much room for improvement, though. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

with my handmade envelope

with my handmade envelope

Front cover

Front cover




Crochet and Birthday Card October 15, 2008

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2 weeks ago, Jesse bought 2 rolls of yarns and a crochet learning kit from Walmart. He decided he wanted to learn it, but also urged me to learn how to crochet as well. So when we arrived home, he tried it out at first. It was a little hard for him so he encouraged me to try it, and I did. Thanks to youtube, we were able to have another source of “tutorial” for crocheting other than the little book that was with the learning kit. I was learning double crochet stitch when I stopped last week. I don’t know why I’ve stopped. It’s probably because my laptop died and I couldn’t understand the english instructions in the book until I watched it on youtube, or maybe just because we found out I was pregnant and my mind was always somewhere else since then.

I also tried to make a birthday card for Jesse last week. I’m always out of ideas whenever I’m about to start making a handmade card. But what I like about it is that, even though I don’t have a layout or theme in mind yet, just by displaying things visually before me, I could come up with something. Layouts/themes/blueprints doesn’t work for me. I have to see the objects I want to use laid out on the table before I could decide what I want. It also takes me a while to decide… 😛 The second thing I like about making my own cards is the feeling I get when I’m done creating them. Sure, it could take time but it entertains me a lot! And as a wife with no job and no classes to attend (thus, no homework to do), I really need to do something productive and entertaining to consume my time. I love making handmade cards  even though I don’t have all the high-tech stuff that most scrapbook(ers) use these days. It makes me feel good when I finally get to see the final product. It all just starts with plain sets of papers, different pairs of scissors, a pencil, glue, etc. and 2 or 3 hours later… wallah!!! Sometimes I get upset with what I’ve made because sometimes they’re ugly. But even so, at least I’m using a talent I never thought I had even though I’m still not really good at it.. yet!


Yet Another Thank-You Card September 29, 2008

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Here’s another thank-you card I made for Mama and Papa Sparks last week (I think).


Scrapbooking (Non-digital and Digital) September 20, 2008

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This week I made some scrapbooks. 3 pages digitally-made for Zeke’s birthday and one handmade for Grandma and Grandpa Sparks.

The ones I made for Zeke are ready-made templates but I edited it a little bit according to my taste, especially the second one where Sarah and John are included in the pictures. I changed that one a lot because the original template looked too “crowded” for me and redundant for the third page (it had the same “starry” background at first, too). I had to look at all the pictures of Zeke so that I have pictures to use (from the latest all the way until when he was born).

Hopefully I’ll learn to be more creative with my handmade ones, though. Enjoy!

first page

first page

second page

second page

Zeke page 1

Zeke page 1 (click to view larger image)

Zeke Page 2

Zeke Page 2 (click to view larger image)

Zeke Page 3

Zeke Page 3 (click to view larger image)


Boredom July 22, 2008

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After my baby was picked up by her mom (okay, she’s not my baby… I am just her babysitter), I was trying to figure out what to do next. I’m always like this every time the baby has already been picked up. It’s always 3 more hours before Jesse comes home so I always tried to find things to do. I always excluded going outdoors since I’m always not in the mood to go out alone.

I wrote down earlier today (while the baby was sleeping) what I want to do for the day. One item in my “to do” list is to make a handmade card for Jesse. It’s been a while since the last time I made one.

My first attempt was a (failure) fiasco. It was supposed to be a black card in the front with three cut-out heart shapes. I glued a red construction paper at the back of the black construction paper right after I cut out the hearts. Next thing I knew, I cut the hearts the wrong way! They were upside down! So I thought of improvising it a little bit… I tore the other half of the black construction paper but part of it got left off with the paper that I wanted to keep (where the hearts were). It was okay though… at least at first. I stared at the black construction paper with cut-out shapes of hearts. I thought it would be cute if I tried to sew a white thread around the hearts to make a box in it. I thought it would look nice at the red construction paper at the back of the black paper too, but it didn’t. I was so blank, I ended up crumpling up the paper! Better luck next time, I guess…

I looked at the other half of the black construction paper that I tore off earlier. It was lying there, with an unbalanced “torn” figure. I decided to fold it in three and wrote in a pencil the words I love telling my husband the most. I tore off the sides to balance the paper since it had an unbalanced “torn-off” shape. Then I sewed the paper with white and red threads, following the guidelines of the words written in pencil.This is what I ended up with:


bUsY dAy December 27, 2007

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Well, I started doing the next two cards after I posted the ones I did. But my supervisor from my previous job (Luau) picked me up to spend the night at her house and spend Christmas at her house with 2 other friends. So I haven’t had time to finish these two cards until today after work. I made the envelopes myself, too. It’s such a busy day! I still have a handful to do.. hehehe!


MaKiNg CaRdS oN cHriStMaS DaY December 25, 2007

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Today, I kept myself busy with some random cards for my friends. I’ve made 4 cards in 6 hours time.. that’s too slow. I need to practice more. One of them didn’t turn out the way I expected it to. I’m a bit upset but oh well…

I have 3 more people on my list. I just took a little time out. Funny, I was too busy I didn’t even feel hungry until now that I’ve stopped doing them for a while. Well, have fun with them! I’m gonna post more probably later tonight or tomorrow.