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BLOGS January 30, 2011

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I haven’t updated this lately. That’s because I won’t be updating it anymore after this post. I am now only updating two blogs, well actually three but I recently fell behind with the last one (private one). But for the public ones, I have my own blog that I started early last year, and then our family blog that Jesse and I had for a long time now here in WordPress.

Here are the links:

My blog
Our family blog

So there they are. Other than those two blogs above, you can stop following all the other blogs I had that are in your “list” because I won’t be updating them anymore. Thanks! 🙂


Just bored… May 1, 2009

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A – Age: 23

B – Bed size: Full?!?

C – Chore you like the least: folding clothes

D – Dog’s name: Poochie & Pichie.. they’re both gone…

E – Essential start your day item: give Jesse hugs or receive some from him…

F – Favorite color: Black, blue, green, red

G – Gold or Silver: Silver

H – Height: 5′ 2″

I – Instruments you play(ed): gitara

J – Job title: Mom and wife, house maintenance, cook, dish washer… u name it! ^_^

K – Kids: 1 on the way…

L – Living arrangements: in an apartment with my hubby & our son… soon!

M – Mom’s name: Noemi

N – Nicknames: Lois, De Ette

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Food allergy? (3 days)

P – Pet Peeves: wet floor, dirty counter, unorganized shelf

Q – Quote from a movie: “… remember your puzzle box, patience, patience!!!” (Owen Wilson as Roy O’Bannon, Shanghai Knights)

S – Siblings: 1 Sister, 5 brothers

T – Time you wake up: since I’ve been “jobless”, it has changed from 10am to 9am to 8am… now at 7:30ish am…


V – Vegetables: brocolli

W – Ways you run late: Taking a shower too late…

X – X-rays you’ve had: head & chest… as far as I know..

Y – Yummy food you make: I don’t know… buffalo chicken wings?

Z – Zoo favorites: Cheetah!!!!! & birds….


New Year January 6, 2009

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Jesse and I were able to spend New Year’s eve with our Filipino friends here in Laie. I’m so glad we were able to light up some fireworks after our OWN countdown. Afterwards, we ate our “potluck” food at our friend’s house a little bit after midnight. Back home, we call it “Media Noche.” We always have it in the Philippines (midnight dinner). I was so tired after that, though, so Jesse wasn’t able to play NBA Live with our friend, Nate.

00 midnight

with our friends, waiting for 12:00 midnight

Jesse protecting his preggy wife from the clouds of smoke

Jesse protecting his preggy wife from the clouds of smoke


So happy we had "ginataan," the one Filipino dessert Jesse hates! 🙂

I really miss the way we celebrate New Year in the Philippines, though.