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Crazy Singing Bird November 11, 2008

I was just surfing youtube for animated videos and I came across these. I thought they were kinda funny:


Lanikea Beach October 27, 2008

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On Sept. 27, 2008 Jesse took me out for lunch at Ted’s Bakery. I had their bacon cheeseburger for the first time. It was good! 

Afterwards, we went to Lanikea Beach to check out some sea turtles. We were hoping we would see at least one sea turtle but we saw tons of them! 3 were on the shore, and some were by the breaking point of the waves by the shore. It was picture perfect if only I had a good camera. Every time the waves by the shore were a little bit higher, you could see the turtles swimming underwater. You could see them above the small reefs. So beautiful!

Jesse looked like a big kid who visited a zoo for the first time. He was having a good time watching this one honu (sea turtle) feed on some seaweeds. He wanted to see him/her crawl back to the ocean but every time it was about to go back to the ocean, it would stop and feed on the seaweeds again. So cute!