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Updates…. August 28, 2009

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It’s been a long time since the last time I posted something… well, here are some recent updates this month…

Jesse’s whole family came over here to Hawaii last month (July 27) and stayed here ’til Aug. 4. We had fun having them with us here in Hawaii. It’s really different when you’re with family than when you’re not. I wasn’t able to take any pictures the whole time they stayed here so I don’t have any photo to share. Maybe I’ll steal some of them later… 😛

Then Caleb got blessed on August 2. I’m so glad that Jesse and I were able to share that special moment with my in-laws, and that Caleb’s uncles and grandpa where there to be part of his blessing.

Caleb's outfit

Caleb's outfit

Future missionary

Future missionary

Family picture

Family picture

The whole clan... (3 of the 5 grandkids were not here)

The whole clan... (3 of the 5 grandkids were not here)

We celebrated his blessing the following day (Aug. 3, my birthday) together with my birthday celebration and Brian’s birthday celebration. We had some of our friends come over, too (the Gellor’s, Taylor’s, and Catahan’s). Jemar cooked garlic shrimp and Jesse’s family prepared the rest of the food. They were yummy!

Brian and I blowing our birthday candles...

Brian and I blowing our birthday candles...

Oh! Let me tell you about what happened that morning! So, Jesse was waiting for 12AM to strike to be exactly Aug. 3rd. He said he has something to give as a birthday present… but we had to take care of Caleb before and after then that we eventually forgot about it and went to bed. First thing in the morning, as soon as he woke up, he opened a file on his computer and read to me a poem that he wrote. It was cute and funny! (He still has to print it out, I think) Then at the end, his poem read that he’s gonna give me a Canon Rebel XSi. I have been “wishing” for that camera but never really expected I would have one soon because it’s too expensive. I felt as giddy as a little child getting the best toy ever!

The next day, my in-laws came over to our apartment to spend some time with us before they left Hawaii. It had been fun being with them and we are looking forward to spending another time with them.. whenever and wherever it may be! 🙂

It was also around this month that Caleb started “talking” a lot! We love cooing back to him. He also started talking to his crib mobile (a stationery mobile, that is.. hehe)… and he prefers talking to Tigger than to Pooh. He’s so funny!

Caleb’s having his 2-month visit with his pedia next week Tuesday. He’s also getting his first shots that day… and I’m not looking forward to it… especially to the effects of the shots after (fever, anybody?) Well, that’s it for now. Gotta catch some nap! Hehehe!


2 Responses to “Updates….”

  1. Sue Says:

    It was so fun to be in Hawaii with all of you and be able to meet cute little Caleb! Hopefully it won’t be too long before we are together again! Caleb is such a handsome little guy! Love and miss you all!

  2. Summer Glazier Says:

    I hope we get to see you guys again sooner than later!

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