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37 weeks May 28, 2009

Yesterday was my 37th week in my pregnancy. I feel like I’m a timed bomb that’s about to go off soon. When? I don’t know! I think Jesse’s very excited for our baby to come soon. He always tells me, “you’re already 37 weeks! Give birth, now!” Hahahaha!!!! He’s a happy daddy! 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last time I wrote on my blog: SCRAPBOOKING, watching Jesse watch basketball and baseball games online (or with our friends), trying out different recipes (especially chicken recipes because that’s what we always have in the freezer), playing with our blender and my beloved mixer, etc.

Jesse watching Lakers vs. Nuggets (Game 4)

Jesse watching Lakers vs. Nuggets (Game 4)

(Game 4’s last 30 seconds) This is how Jesse is when Lakers are losing in a game —- BIG TIME! He’s too quiet! Maybe if our friend, Nate, was around, he would’ve been talking a lot? I should’ve taken a video of him yesterday (Lakers vs. Nuggets, Game 5) when the Lakers were winning so you could see the difference.. hahaha!

Towards the end of my 2nd trimester, Jesse and I gathered as much baby stuff (and pospartum stuff) that we THINK we needed. Thanks to those who sent us clothes and other things, we were able to save a lot. I must admit, it was very tempting for me to buy those cute little baby outfits whenever we went out to buy, say, bottles and baby’s health care. I’m just glad I was able to control myself as much as I could. And if I couldn’t, I asked Jesse (of course, I had to ask his permission first) if we could go to ROSS & buy some from there (Ross has almost the same brands in other stores but they sell it a lot cheaper!) One day we went to Sears just to look at the cute baby stuff they had there & I found a 3-pc set of bibs for $9.99 (I think?) from Carter’s. It was so cute, I wanted to buy it. I thought it was cheap enough. I held it for a while in my hands, admiring it, then I put it back. We went to Ross afterwards and I saw the VERY SAME set of bibs for $2.50. I was so happy! Jesse let me buy it! 😛 And now that pretty much everything is here for the baby (& me), I went back to scrapbooking again.

My first set of clear stamps

My first set of clear stamps

Here are my first set of clear stamps. I don’t really know much about stamping and I’m still trying to learn but eversince I read about clear stamps, I got really interested with their ease of use and storage. They’re a little bit more sensitive than rubber stamps, though. These ones were on sale so I grabbed them. It’ll be a long long time before I’ll probably buy myself another set since we need to be frugal.. hehe.

My messy workspace

My messy workspace

Here’s my scrapbooking workspace. It’s been like this since I started on our wedding scrapbook album (January). I could only do 2 or 3 pages (max) each week (or every other week) because I tend to get lazy most of the time (when I still didn’t have a big bump) or just the thought of thinking another layout drives me nuts so I put off making another page for a few more days. Now it takes me a while because my big bump makes it harder to make a single page of scrapbook. Caleb moves around A LOT (non-stop, even) after 30 mins. of starting a page, as though he’s telling me, “you need to lie down, mom, and make some more space for me! It’s really cramped in here!” Well, here’s a peek of a few pages of the album that I’m still working on.

Front cover

Front cover

random pages

random pages

random page (bride and groom)

random page (bride and groom)

random page (LA Temple)

random page (LA Temple)

random page (garter toss)

random page (garter toss)

I didn’t do our album the way most scrapbookers do (with all those layers of papers, die cuts, eyelets, etc., in one page) because it would take me a century to finish if I do it that way (plus, I still don’t have that kind of creativity). I still have about 7 pages to do and the clock is ticking fast. I really want to finish this album before I give birth. Hopefully, I can.

Pregnancy is wonderful and amazing! I had an easy pregnancy during my first 2 trimesters. But even though I’m having a hard time now (I can’t move an inch without pain somewhere, especially getting out of bed), I will not trade this experience for anything else — not even the fun of creating a handmade card or a scrapbook page. Maybe I’m only saying this because I’ve had an easy pregnancy and never threw up and all (except for being nauseous all the time, & for those killer headaches I had during my first trimester). But still, it’s a wonderful experience knowing something — no, SOMEONE, is living inside you… already manipulating you! hahaha! Just kidding! The first little flutter of movements are such a joy! I will never forget my husband’s face when he felt our baby’s movement for the first time. I will miss his kicks inside me (they seldom hurt me) whenever I’m hungry, or have been sitting for a long time, or fast asleep (he loves waking me up in the middle of the night). We’re still looking forward to hold our precious one sometime soon– how soon, we don’t know. I’m bracing myself! Haha!


Just bored… May 1, 2009

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A – Age: 23

B – Bed size: Full?!?

C – Chore you like the least: folding clothes

D – Dog’s name: Poochie & Pichie.. they’re both gone…

E – Essential start your day item: give Jesse hugs or receive some from him…

F – Favorite color: Black, blue, green, red

G – Gold or Silver: Silver

H – Height: 5′ 2″

I – Instruments you play(ed): gitara

J – Job title: Mom and wife, house maintenance, cook, dish washer… u name it! ^_^

K – Kids: 1 on the way…

L – Living arrangements: in an apartment with my hubby & our son… soon!

M – Mom’s name: Noemi

N – Nicknames: Lois, De Ette

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Food allergy? (3 days)

P – Pet Peeves: wet floor, dirty counter, unorganized shelf

Q – Quote from a movie: “… remember your puzzle box, patience, patience!!!” (Owen Wilson as Roy O’Bannon, Shanghai Knights)

S – Siblings: 1 Sister, 5 brothers

T – Time you wake up: since I’ve been “jobless”, it has changed from 10am to 9am to 8am… now at 7:30ish am…


V – Vegetables: brocolli

W – Ways you run late: Taking a shower too late…

X – X-rays you’ve had: head & chest… as far as I know..

Y – Yummy food you make: I don’t know… buffalo chicken wings?

Z – Zoo favorites: Cheetah!!!!! & birds….