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Charlee Leila February 19, 2009

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Hannah Gellor, our friend who went with us to the Big Island with her family, gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl on Feb. 17th, 2009. It was the day after we got back to Oahu after our trip from the Big Island (click here). She was one tough momma the whole time we were there. She only went to the doctor last Tuesday as another appointment for a check-up. It turned out to be her “giving birth” day.. hehe! She was supposed to be due next week, but since the placenta wasn’t nourishing their baby anymore, the doctor suggested/asked if Hannah wanted to give birth that day (since it’s going to be a c-section again). At least their baby was healthy this time and was born with no complications, unlike with Niobe. They named their newborn Charlee Leila Aracena-Gellor. She weighed 5.1 lbs.

My friend, Lei, sent me some of her scrapbooking supplies last week which I received on Tuesday. And since she sent me lots of “it’s a girl!” scrapbook stuff, I thought to make a greeting card for Hannah. I still have so much room for improvement, though. (Click the pictures to enlarge)

with my handmade envelope

with my handmade envelope

Front cover

Front cover




4 Responses to “Charlee Leila”

  1. Shey Says:

    My tummy decided that those chocolates looked really good but I think the Card looked even better! 🙂

  2. Sue Says:

    The card is SO cute! Very talented:)

  3. Sarah Root Says:

    The card turned out really cute! Very professional looking! I hope you’re feeling well. We’re excited for our visit!

  4. hannah Says:

    aww, i remember this! thanks for being sweet 🙂 nasa isa sa mga boxes namin to im sure. im just gonna have to unpack everything next month before i find it haha

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