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It’s a Boy! January 22, 2009

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We went to Kahuku today for our appointment with Dr. Lyons. Jesse and I already thought of taking a video of our ultrasound beforehand. But, I THINK, due to our excitement, we forgot to bring our camera! Oh well.. maybe next time…

The last time we saw our baby, it was still very small. I was only 7 weeks then (click here). So we were very excited today to see our baby!

The first thing Dr. Lyons said was we’re not having twins. Sorry, babe! I found that funny because Jesse had been joking we’re having twins and the other one’s only been hiding all these time.

Our baby was moving a lot, too! I was just having fun looking at the ultrasound video. I didn’t want it to end. Then all of a sudden, Dr. Lyons said, “he’s moving a lot!” and pointed his mouse pointer to the right place. Jesse had the biggest smile in the world! We’re having a baby boy!!!

We got to see his heartbeat, too. Dr. Lyons also got an angle where our baby seemed to be lying down horizontally, facing us. We saw him move his mouth and touch his head… it was the cutest thing! It was as if he was saying, “Hi Dad! Hi Mom! I’m your baby boy!”

Anyway.. that’s about it. We’re so happy! 🙂 Enjoy the pics! 🙂

bird's-eye view

bird's-eye view

Hi Mom and Dad!

Hi Mom and Dad!




Stand By Me January 21, 2009

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This is a video from Youtube that was forwarded to Jesse’s email, I think. And we really like it so I thought to post it here. There are really people with great talent out there. I especially like Clarence Bekker’s voice.


New Year January 6, 2009

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Jesse and I were able to spend New Year’s eve with our Filipino friends here in Laie. I’m so glad we were able to light up some fireworks after our OWN countdown. Afterwards, we ate our “potluck” food at our friend’s house a little bit after midnight. Back home, we call it “Media Noche.” We always have it in the Philippines (midnight dinner). I was so tired after that, though, so Jesse wasn’t able to play NBA Live with our friend, Nate.

00 midnight

with our friends, waiting for 12:00 midnight

Jesse protecting his preggy wife from the clouds of smoke

Jesse protecting his preggy wife from the clouds of smoke


So happy we had "ginataan," the one Filipino dessert Jesse hates! 🙂

I really miss the way we celebrate New Year in the Philippines, though.