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Day After Thanksgiving November 29, 2008

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It’s the day after Thanksgiving today and it’s oh so good! Jesse doesn’t have work & class and I can be with him the whole day!

Jesse told me that most people in the U.S. usually wait ’til after the Thanksgiving holiday (which we don’t have back home) before they’ll play Christmas songs and/or decorate their home with Christmas decorations. Back home, my dad always played Christmas songs starting mid-September. If we’re not too lazy, we’ll even decorate our home for Christmas before November.

Well, I waited ’til the day after Thanksgiving before I played Christmas songs in our apartment. The first ones that came into mind was the sisters that my dad always played when we were young. Their names were Carnie and Wendy Wilson. I loved their “Hey Santa” album and I never got tired of listening to them every year in our casette player when I was young (of course, there were no cd or dvd players back then… hehe!)

Listening to them now, again, brings such sweet memories to me. The small apartment we had in Marikina with our improvised Christmas tree (Christmas broom!) and the christmas lights hanging around the house and some decorations, of course. I liked our christmas lights because it came with this thing – it’s like a music box – that if you play the recorded songs there, the lights will blink synchronized to the music from the music box. Every December 24th, we always hung our school socks by the window for Santa Claus. We wrote him letters, too, as asked by our parents so that Santa knew what we want. Then the young ones (those under 12 y.o.) has to go to sleep until midnight, Christmas eve. We were always welcomed with Santa’s gifts and the simple Christmas eve dinner at the kitchen. We always either opened our gifts first, and then eat together or vice-versa. But the night always ended with how my siblings and I tried to stay up later than our parents just for fun. But then we’ll end up falling asleep again. 😛 I knew who Santa was when I was 9 y.o. Our neighbor told my younger sister and I about it, and we eventually realized it was true. My younger sister and I still tried to keep it to ourselves, though, and we still had our Santa Claus even though we knew who they were – and they didn’t know we knew.

(Mom, my sister, and myself) That's the window where we used to hang our socks

Mom, my sister, and myself

My sister and I waiting for the feast with our family

My sister and I waiting for the feast with our family


3 Responses to “Day After Thanksgiving”

  1. Sue Says:

    Sweet Christmas memories:) You are your sister look so cute!

  2. Sue Says:

    Oops! That’s SUPPOSED to say…You and your sister look so cute!

  3. Ma Says:

    Reading this and seeing those pictures brought my mind down to memory lane.Dad plays Christmas songs even as early as July! 🙂 He loves hearing Christmas songs, maybe the next to the Beatles’ songs. 🙂 We used to decorate the house every December 16th (9 days before Christmas, the start of “Simbang Gabi” tradition. During this time Catholics go to Church at midmorn or midnight to hear mass everyday from Dec 16 to Dec 24 or Christmas Eve. After hearing mass they buy and eat “puto bumbong” and “bibingka” being sold everywhere even at those wee hours.).

    Later our homemade Christmas trees became tree branches decorated with previously received Christmas cards and souvenirs. We even had a Cherry Blossom Christmas tree made by Dad!

    Later, putting up Christmas decors at home became earlier — every November 30, in preparation for Dad’s birthday, the house being filled with Christmas lights and decors to add glitter and joy during his birthday.

    Last year, we had a real Christmas tree! I mean, one of those kinds bought from the department stores (although we did not buy it. )

    We also had our gifts put under the Christmas tree — not to be opened until Christmas Eve! I would not put names on the gifts to prevent each of you from knowing which gift is yours.Then on Christmas Eve, I hand to each of you your respective gifts and we open them up!

    Then we eat our Noche Buena!

    Oh, yes, you stay up awake with your siblings playing with your new toys and having fun, while your Dad and I drowse ourselves to sleep as if dreaming hearing angels laughing and having fun.

    There is an added portion now to our celebration of Christmas Eve: we read the Christmas story at the strike of 12 midnight, with a pre-assigned member of the family to lead.

    Then we exchange gifts. More gifts are now under the Christmas Tree because Kuya Bim and Tita Yvic had their gifts for each of us, too!

    Then we eat Noche Buena.

    The angelic laughters have minimized with Micah and Jois being only the children with us now but the recollection of pleasant memories of Christmas Eve celebration over the years always bring the joy in our hearts.

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