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Ugly bruise October 27, 2008

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We went to Kailua last week, Tuesday (Oct. 21) to visit my Ob-Gyne, Dr. Chapman. They did the usual urine test. After the pap, she performed a vaginal ultrasound on me. I was supposed to be 6 weeks and 6 days that day. But there was no heartbeat yet so she said I might have ovulated late and I’m probably only 5 1/2 weeks pregnant (then). I saw the fetus! Gosh! It was soooo small! I can’t believe something alive is growing inside me. At the same time I felt bad ‘coz Jesse wasn’t there to see it. I left him at the lounge. My bad! We’ll have to go back there next week for another ultrasound to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Then Dr. Chapman will be able to tell when my real due date will be. I will make sure Jesse’s around by then to see the tiny growing baby inside his wifey.. 🙂

The last part of my first visit was the blood test. They took 4 containers. My blood on my left arm started slowing down halfway the 3rd container (& the lady kept moving the needle around a little bit to keep the blood flowing… she’s lucky I’m not afraid of needles but that act almost made me faint!). When she started with the 4th one, the flow completely stopped so she had to do it on my right arm. Eeeeshhh!!! That day was the first time I hated needles!

So now, I have a big ugly bruise on my left arm… oh well…. at least it doesn’t hurt that bad (unless you touch it hard, of course).. 😛


4 Responses to “Ugly bruise”

  1. Sue Says:

    OUCH! Glad that’s done with!

  2. Summer Says:

    Owe, I hate needles! Thanks for the pregnancy update, continue to keep us posted.

  3. Ma Says:

    oh, grabe, parang kang nilatigo.

  4. Sarah Root Says:

    Oww, that looks like it hurts! I am not professing to love needles, but pregnancy cured me real quick of being deathly afraid of them. It seems all along the way you get stuck with needles here and there all the way up through the birth :). Hopefully they won’t bruise you so much next time! I hope you’re feeling well!!

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