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Pregnancy Discovery October 27, 2008

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 My plan was to take a home pregnancy test alone while Jesse was in school or work on any day of the week prior to his birthday if my period didn’t come. But I didn’t plan to take it on my first delayed day. I was going to keep my first day of period a secret from Jesse so that he won’t get too excited if it doesn’t come. But he asked me a week before & I couldn’t resist him so I told him.

It was October 7, 4 days before Jesse’s 23rd birthday. That was the “supposed to be my first day” thing. Jesse kept bugging me in the morning to take the test but I told him it’s too early. I convinced him we should check in the night. And we did. Having seen only negative results in the past, I wasn’t expecting we would see two lines on that free pregnancy test we got. As soon as the second line started appearing, Jesse was getting excited. I told him the line’s been there from the start already but he was still convinced that it wasn’t there before. 

He just had a big smile that night and he kept coming back to our bathroom to check if the second line was still there (as if it would go away). I did the same too, actually… 🙂 It was a surprise! We didn’t know I was pregnant until we checked that night of October 7th. I felt completely “not pregnant” that’s why it seemed so unreal that I was really pregnant. So I told him I’ll take another test the next morning.

And I did. Two different brands. One was one of the things we bought from Costco, and the other was one of the free ones we received. As soon as they were set flat, I fixed our bed (Jesse was gone to his class) & fixed myself a small breakfast. I didn’t want to check the result until 15 minutes after. Both had two lines & I could almost screeeaaamm!!! This time I was not as uncertain as the night before anymore because I took the test in the morning.

I told Jesse about the result and how many tests I took .. 😛 He also checked it out.

He made me take another test the next morning again (Oct. 9) just for fun. I think he just missed seeing the two lines.. 😛


3 Responses to “Pregnancy Discovery”

  1. Benjamin Says:

    Congratulations parents-to-be!!!

  2. Sue Says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  3. Ma Says:

    We will have two grandchildren in 2009! Ate Shiela also got a positive result last Monday, December 1. 🙂

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