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Crochet and Birthday Card October 15, 2008

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2 weeks ago, Jesse bought 2 rolls of yarns and a crochet learning kit from Walmart. He decided he wanted to learn it, but also urged me to learn how to crochet as well. So when we arrived home, he tried it out at first. It was a little hard for him so he encouraged me to try it, and I did. Thanks to youtube, we were able to have another source of “tutorial” for crocheting other than the little book that was with the learning kit. I was learning double crochet stitch when I stopped last week. I don’t know why I’ve stopped. It’s probably because my laptop died and I couldn’t understand the english instructions in the book until I watched it on youtube, or maybe just because we found out I was pregnant and my mind was always somewhere else since then.

I also tried to make a birthday card for Jesse last week. I’m always out of ideas whenever I’m about to start making a handmade card. But what I like about it is that, even though I don’t have a layout or theme in mind yet, just by displaying things visually before me, I could come up with something. Layouts/themes/blueprints doesn’t work for me. I have to see the objects I want to use laid out on the table before I could decide what I want. It also takes me a while to decide… 😛 The second thing I like about making my own cards is the feeling I get when I’m done creating them. Sure, it could take time but it entertains me a lot! And as a wife with no job and no classes to attend (thus, no homework to do), I really need to do something productive and entertaining to consume my time. I love making handmade cards  even though I don’t have all the high-tech stuff that most scrapbook(ers) use these days. It makes me feel good when I finally get to see the final product. It all just starts with plain sets of papers, different pairs of scissors, a pencil, glue, etc. and 2 or 3 hours later… wallah!!! Sometimes I get upset with what I’ve made because sometimes they’re ugly. But even so, at least I’m using a talent I never thought I had even though I’m still not really good at it.. yet!


2 Responses to “Crochet and Birthday Card”

  1. Summer Says:

    What a super cute card!

  2. Sue Says:

    Hey, that’s great! Now you can crochet booties, blankets, etc…:) Even though I sent the Dodger Mr. Potato Head, I will be equally happy with a boy or girl!!! She can play with mr. potato head too:) XOXOXOXO

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