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BYU-Hawaii Idol’s Nacho Libre September 22, 2008

Filed under: random — Lois Sparks @ 9:10 am

Yesterday night was yet another BYUH-Idol night on our campus. It happens every Fall. Last night was done a little differently, though. There wasn’t much of the part where the host had to announce each and every contestant. Rather, each contestant just came up on the stage and sang their song. I think that’s pretty neat because it saves up time and we ended earlier than we used to in the past. Also, each contestant had to sing a song based on the theme for the night, which was “Movie Night.” They had to sing songs from different movies. Most of the contestants sang Disney songs.

There was also a contestant yesterday that performed but it seemed he only joined the contest for fun. He performed the “Nacho Libre” parts & it was kind of hilarious. It took the judges a while to make a comment because they were laughing so hard, so he just kept on yelling, “NAAAACCCCCHOOOOOOO!!!!!!” which made the judges laugh even harder. Here’s the vid:


One Response to “BYU-Hawaii Idol’s Nacho Libre”

  1. Mom Sparks Says:

    I never saw Nacho Libre, but Sarah’s ward had a “lip-sync” night on Sat. and she said one woman looked and danced(with every mannerism) EXACTLY like Napoleon Dynamite while she did the routine:)

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