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Fudge Brownies and Buffalo Chicken Wings September 7, 2008

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Ever since school started, Jesse had been more busy than ever! I had been really really bored, it almost drove me crazy! Last week, to keep myself busy (and to keep myself from going crazy), I started flipping through the pages of my cookbooks to find some new recipes to cook for Jesse (and me.. hehe) so that he can at least eat something else than what I usually cook. I think it was Wednesday night when I cooked ‘thai pork and vegetable curry.’ He said he liked it so I hope I would keep it on my list of “foods I know”… haha!

what was left before giving away some more

what was left before giving away some more

Today I tried baking ‘fudge brownies’ (from my little Kitchen Aid recipe book) before having our lunch. I’m glad it turned out fine. I used candy sprinkles just for fun.. hehe! I don’t want it to accumulate dust in our cupboard. It was quite a lot for Jesse and me alone so I had to give away portions of it to our married friends.

For dinner, I tried making ‘buffalo chicken wings’ for the first time using the recipe from my “Better Home and Gardens” cookbook. Their recipe is different from the recipe Jesse used when he made buffalo chicken wings on my birthday. I was supposed to make it last night but having been unfamiliar to using an oven (because we didn’t have one back home), I didn’t know what a “broiler” was. We didn’t use it in my cooking class last Winter semester so I really had no idea what it was though I’ve come across that word so many times before. I had to google it yesterday to see what it looks like and once I found it, I knew we didn’t have it. We bought it last night at Wal-mart when we went there with our friends. So I was able to make it tonight. I was nervous at first, not knowing how it would turn out. It turned out okay. The corners of the bones were burned but it didn’t affect the taste in a negative way. In fact, I loved how it turned out to be! Maybe my husband would confirm someday (even though he already did today) as how bad or how good my buffalo chicken wings were. In my opinion, it was good. It tasted like the way I wanted it to taste like.

chicken wings on marinade

chicken wings on marinade

burned or not? my husband is the judge!

burned or not? my husband is the judge!


4 Responses to “Fudge Brownies and Buffalo Chicken Wings”

  1. Nate and Sam Says:

    i love the fudge brownies..I need a recipe.

  2. Jesse Says:

    As the appointed judge, I hereby issue my judgment: EXCELLENT to the highest degree!

  3. Ma Says:

    I am pleased at your accomplishments, Nak. 🙂

  4. Mom Says:

    Sounds yummy!!! Jesse’s lucky! I love to bake and I just found a new recipe for brownies in a magazine i read on the airplane home from Nebraska:) Can’t wait to try them!

    P.S. Usually the broiler is at the bottom of the oven, underneath the main oven door..it pulls out, and there is usually a “broiler” setting on the oven knob.

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