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Boredom July 22, 2008

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After my baby was picked up by her mom (okay, she’s not my baby… I am just her babysitter), I was trying to figure out what to do next. I’m always like this every time the baby has already been picked up. It’s always 3 more hours before Jesse comes home so I always tried to find things to do. I always excluded going outdoors since I’m always not in the mood to go out alone.

I wrote down earlier today (while the baby was sleeping) what I want to do for the day. One item in my “to do” list is to make a handmade card for Jesse. It’s been a while since the last time I made one.

My first attempt was a (failure) fiasco. It was supposed to be a black card in the front with three cut-out heart shapes. I glued a red construction paper at the back of the black construction paper right after I cut out the hearts. Next thing I knew, I cut the hearts the wrong way! They were upside down! So I thought of improvising it a little bit… I tore the other half of the black construction paper but part of it got left off with the paper that I wanted to keep (where the hearts were). It was okay though… at least at first. I stared at the black construction paper with cut-out shapes of hearts. I thought it would be cute if I tried to sew a white thread around the hearts to make a box in it. I thought it would look nice at the red construction paper at the back of the black paper too, but it didn’t. I was so blank, I ended up crumpling up the paper! Better luck next time, I guess…

I looked at the other half of the black construction paper that I tore off earlier. It was lying there, with an unbalanced “torn” figure. I decided to fold it in three and wrote in a pencil the words I love telling my husband the most. I tore off the sides to balance the paper since it had an unbalanced “torn-off” shape. Then I sewed the paper with white and red threads, following the guidelines of the words written in pencil.This is what I ended up with: