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Table setting April 10, 2008

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A simple way of setting the table. My group mates took the dinner plates to our food on it so I didn’t have it here on the picture. They were nice plates (with bamboo drawings).
To be unique from other groups, I folded our group’s napkins into a “bird of paradise.” In the end, the other groups started folding their napkins, too, because James (from one group) knew how to make a clam shell fold and a crown fold. 3 other groups folded their napkins that way.

Today was our last Lab day in Home Economics: Food Prep class. This time, the lab was about making a time schedule of what time we will finish preparing/cooking/baking a certain food. Each group made 4 kinds… the veggies (which was easy and was assigned to me so I can set the table), the chicken roll up, cheesecake, and the bread. Each time someone was waiting for their assigned food to finish baking or steaming or anything, they helped out with a member of their group who needed help. However, I didn’t get one when I was setting the table because all of my group mates were busy helping each other with the food.

We had 1 hour and 30 minutes to prepare everything and by 2:45, we had to be seated in our table already with the food in our plates (well-presented).

Everybody was following the book when they were setting the table, including myself. Our teacher said we don’t have to cover our whole table with tablecloth because none of her tablecloths will fit anyway so I left it as it was even though I wanted the tablecloth to hang down a little bit at the edge. But it seemed to me that our table was “pale” (I don’t know how else to put it) so I folded our napkins into something I learned from PCC. At first I made a water lily fold which didn’t really look good because we didn’t use any thing that would require to be put upside down on top of a napkin anyway. So I tried the fan fold but I still have to train myself more with it. Then I tried the crown fold but the napkins weren’t standing firmly because the napkins were too soft. I tried candlestick fold but the napkins were too big for the plastic cups… so my last resolve was the bird of paradise… the picture I got is the worst looking one, though. It looked like something else.. hehehe.

As soon as the dinner plates arrived with the food, everybody started eating so I was kind of embarassed to take a picture of it no matter how the food looked great! Oh well…


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  1. Sue Sparks Says:

    Very nice:) I’m impressed!

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