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Winter Ball 2008 and Spelling Contest April 6, 2008

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leaving my hale
there’s a dead fishy in the bowl..

cheesy version of titanic.. hahahaha…
at the 4th deck…

before we raced for the school bus.. hahaha
Last Friday, April 04, 2008, Jesse and I went to the Winter Ball. I really had fun even though I had to wait for 70 minutes for Jesse to finish with the job they “told” him to do that night. And even though my feet were sore, we still danced the night away and had tons of fun. There were only finger foods which were just enough to fill up my tummy, but I wasn’t really hungry. I just wanted to enjoy the night with my wonderful date, my fiance, and make sure that he is also having a good time.
We boarded the ship around 10:40 pm – about the time the ship was leaving the dock. We cruised around Diamond Head and I enjoyed the night sky away from the island even for a few hours. It was my first time to be in a cruise ship, with a date that I really really really REALLY admire so it was really a very wonderful night for me.
Yesterday, we bought Chicken Bacon Ranch (in my case, Chicken Bacon Honey Mustard… hehehe) sandwiches at Subway. Then we drove to Laie point and ate our yummy sandwiches there. We talked about few random stories, then it went to the “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader” video that I saw – which then led our conversation to a spelling contest. I initiated it, but he also started asking me to spell some words like mitochondria, marine corps (he thought I won’t spell the corps right), and some other stuff. Some of the words he made me spell were quite simple, but others that I haven’t heard of were a bit of a challenge to me . The greatest hit that I guess he made me spell was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. He probably thought I wouldn’t be able to spell it. But I wasn’t able to spell potpurri (i thought it was paupery), and some other words I can’t remember.
I thought I’d deceive him when I asked him to spell receive. But he spelled it right. He even told me about the rule, “i before e except after c” so I made him spell seize. It was fun to watch him getting confused.. hehe! He got it wrong along with other words, too, like boutonniere and phylum. It was very fun competing with him.
Just before I even wrote about our day yesterday just now, Jesse wrestled with me in my hale’s lounge so he could take a look at what I’m writing about. Man, I got so tired. I was able to fight back a little bit but man, his weight is obviously has more advantage than mine… and I can’t even laugh out loud.. and he just did it for a little bit just now again… oh well! I have a playful fiance right here and I love it!

3 Responses to “Winter Ball 2008 and Spelling Contest”

  1. Sue Sparks Says:

    Thanks for sharing all the great pics! The Winter Ball sounds like a lot of fun on the cruise ship:) You two make a good-looking pair!

    Your spelling bee sounds fun too…I can be quite a stickler for correct spelling:) Hey, tell Jesse I remember the “mighty” mitochondria from biology/anatomy:)

  2. Brian, Summer, Karaline, Megan Says:

    What a fun dance, you look so pretty! Can’t wait to see you guys in only 19 days!
    : )Summer

  3. Sarah and John Root Says:

    What a fun dance to go to! I have never been on a cruise ship or to Hawaii so you have me beat on both of those :). It looked like a fun night. We’re looking forward to the 26th!

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