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HaPpY eAsTeR! March 20, 2008

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This is the easter bunny cake that we did in class today. This is my own design.. hahaha! Basically all of us had the same set up but others designed theirs differently. The frosting looks messed up because I didn’t put the frosting flat… I kind of tapped the knife a little bit (after spreading a thick frosting to it evenly) to make a rough look and then added coconut shreds.

We had to bake our own assigned cake today, so our instructor baked the cakes for our easter bunny before class started (so we can work on our assigned cakes). My group made Angel’s cake – that’s the only one we weren’t able to taste today because we had to wait ’til next week. All others were good cakes, too. I found Mayonnaise cake pretty weird, though.


2 Responses to “HaPpY eAsTeR!”

  1. Sue Sparks Says:

    What a cute bunny! HAPPY EASTER!!!

  2. Brian, Summer, Karaline, Megan Says:

    Happy Easter Lois! What a cute bunny cake, I wish I’d seen it earlier, I would’ve tried and made one too…maybe next year : )

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