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HaPpY eAsTeR! March 20, 2008

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This is the easter bunny cake that we did in class today. This is my own design.. hahaha! Basically all of us had the same set up but others designed theirs differently. The frosting looks messed up because I didn’t put the frosting flat… I kind of tapped the knife a little bit (after spreading a thick frosting to it evenly) to make a rough look and then added coconut shreds.

We had to bake our own assigned cake today, so our instructor baked the cakes for our easter bunny before class started (so we can work on our assigned cakes). My group made Angel’s cake – that’s the only one we weren’t able to taste today because we had to wait ’til next week. All others were good cakes, too. I found Mayonnaise cake pretty weird, though.


A Different Way of Getting Pinched on St. Patrick’s day March 18, 2008

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wow, what an ugly face! she gave me 3 shots + 1 blood test on my right arm
and another one on my left

Today, I had my medical exam for the immigration papers. Aside from everything else, I had 3 shots of vaccines on my right arm (tb test, tetanus, and chicken pox) + 1 blood test; and then on my left, the nurse gave me an MMR vaccine… oh what a day!!! I’m a walking pin cushion! Well, Happy St. Patrick’s day, I guess!!! 🙂


TaG! I’m It!!! March 5, 2008

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A. Post the Rules.
B. Answer the Questions About Yourself.
C. After posting, tag 5 people by going to their blog and leaving a comment.

1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago, I was 12 1/2 years old. I was still in 6th grade. I still danced hip hop with my older brothers and climbing trees, and riding our bike like crazy…

2) 5 thing on my to-do list today…
> do Accounting homework
> do I.S. homework
> email people
> mail letters to Sis. Sugiyanto and Sis. Broadhead
> search for more ancestors for my Family History class

3) What snacks I enjoy…
Hmmm… snacks that I enjoy… ?!? I’m not really a fan of snacks but I do like some Filipino-style snacks, usually potato chip snacks (cheese flavored). I love Sunflower seeds – even before jesse drag me into it.

4) What would I do if I were to suddenly be a billionaire?
I would buy my parents their own, new, fully furnished house to live in – especially now that my siblings and I are leaving the house one by one… then I would buy them a car (just one because my mom doesn’t know how to drive anyway). I would then find a small place for my dad’s dental equipment.
I would, then, save for our future children’s educational plans and all the insurance that we have to get for them, and some more for their weddings. Then I would spare some more for Jesse’s business if he is really going to put up a business, and/or put some in the stock market (I think Jesse can make the money grow that way, too). Then I would get retirement plans for Jesse and me and all the other insurance that we have to get.
I would then contribute to the organizations that help people in need like Home for the Elderly, Orphanage, Cancer hospitals, etc. You know what I mean. And also to the Church’s PEF and its different schools (like BYUH).
I would then take Jesse with me to travel around the world with as much as what’s left in our hands so we can enjoy ourselves together, traveling the world. Hopefully he’ll agree to go to Africa with me FIRST and have Safari. I would love to see all those wild animals.. hopefully I won’t get eaten.
Finally, I WOULD GET THAT HALF SHIBA INU/HALF MINI AMERICAN-ESKIMO dog that I’m obsessed about and build her a nice dog house.. hahaha!

5) 3 bad habits…
> I stress about things easily
> I easily get sleepy when I do my homework
> I’m bad at waking up early on weekends

6) 5 places I’ve lived…
> Marikina, Philippines
> San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines
> Angeles City, Philippines
> Laie, Hawaii
> To be revealed.. hahaha!

7) 5 jobs i’ve had…
> Jollibee (McDonald’s rival back home) cashier
> PCC Kitchen (pantryworker)
> Luau waitress (regular worker, lead, to senior lead), and setter
> Hale 3 Custodian (yes, I cleaned dirty toilets)
> Dean’s teaching assistant

8) 5 things people don’t know about me…
> There are strange things that I only do in front of Jesse, and sometimes with him… 😛
> I love to dance swing but I tend to be a wallflower at times
> I can draw well if I have a copy of what I’m drawing
> I taught myself how to play the guitar
> I’ll be spending “forever” with the best man there is!!!

Now I pick 5 people to tag and I tag…

John, Brian, Papa Sparks, Mama Sparks, and Jesse