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MicRoWaVeD!!! February 7, 2008

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Group 1. Don’t worry, I also had my hair up when we were still baking it… hehehe!
Our Microwave Crown Cakes
Microwave Peanut brittle
Zucchini Bread
Microwave Brownies

Microwave Pineapple Upside-down Cake
My plate

Today in our Home Economics (Food Preparation Class), we made desserts using the microwave! It was lots of fun. Our group baked the Crown Cake. It’s my favorite of all (I don’t mean to be biased about it).


3 Responses to “MicRoWaVeD!!!”

  1. Sarah and John Root Says:

    Yum!!! All of those goodies look so good. I have such a sweet tooth I’d probably gain 20 pounds if I was in your class :). Good work on the crown cake!

  2. Sue Sparks Says:

    Jesse will be lucky to be the recipient of your culinary talents!!! Before I read that you made it, I was thinking that the crown cake looked pretty impressive:)

  3. Lois Sanchez Says:

    Yeah, the crown cake was really good! I need to remember how to do all these things… aaaah, I’m so excited! We cooked different kinds of noodle foods yesterday. I’m gonna post it soon…

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