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bUsY dAy December 27, 2007

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Well, I started doing the next two cards after I posted the ones I did. But my supervisor from my previous job (Luau) picked me up to spend the night at her house and spend Christmas at her house with 2 other friends. So I haven’t had time to finish these two cards until today after work. I made the envelopes myself, too. It’s such a busy day! I still have a handful to do.. hehehe!


4th ChRiStMaS December 25, 2007

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This year’s Christmas season is my 4th one eversince I came here to Hawaii. From the previous 3, I wasn’t really all by myself. But this year is different. My roommate is not home, all my close friends are on their missions, my other close friend is now living in Idaho with her hubby, and my better half is 5 hours away from me (if you fly!). I have some friends who invited me to celebrate Christmas with them but I don’t know, I feel like I just wanna be myself and have some time for myself.

Well, I guess I made a little bit of mistake doing that… especially now that I’m playing the Christmas songs that my Dad always played back home. Having called them at 7am this morning (1am of Tues. there) and having heard my brothers make fun of about anything at all made me miss home much more. I heard them making fun of our first real Christmas tree (artificial one) because we used to only use the improvised ones. I don’t know what they were talking about but I could hear them laughing at the kitchen while I was on the phone with my younger sister. I could hear some of them teasing the gifts that they received and laughing here and there, and they were teasing me too about the “news” that I told them. My sister begged me to come over so that they won’t have to pick on her alone. How I miss all of them! It sure did bring back memories to me. I’ve held my tears for 12 hours now and I’m pretty good at it in the past Christmas days that I had too. But I guess deciding to be by myself today is a little bit of a mistake because I think my tears are about to fall and there’s nobody here in my family to catch them for me.

I kept myself busy for the past 6 hours, trying to make cards (wanna see it?) for my close friends. I can’t imagine it took me 6 hours to make 4 cards. I’m really slow at making them coz I’m trying to build up an idea/design from scratch. I don’t have any books to look into and I am lazy to browse the internet when I’m excited to create my own already. The music in my laptop right now is making me feel nostalgic. Why am I even playing these songs?

Aside from that, I can say this is probably the best Christmas that I had here in Hawaii. I’ve never had a serious talk with my mom for a long time but today we did for about 10 minutes. It’s so cool how you can open up to your parents. My dad’s totally changed, I’m surprised! Another reason this is the best Christmas is that, other than my side of the family, Jesse’s side of the family finally heard of the news.

The idea I came up with tonight is to count the blessings I’ve received this whole year, and how many good deeds I’ve done to make up for the bad ones I made (lol), and remember our Savior… that this season is celebrated for Him. Maybe I can find someone tonight who is lonely like me or probably even more and extend a hand to him/her and make their (and mine) Christmas great! 🙂


MaKiNg CaRdS oN cHriStMaS DaY

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Today, I kept myself busy with some random cards for my friends. I’ve made 4 cards in 6 hours time.. that’s too slow. I need to practice more. One of them didn’t turn out the way I expected it to. I’m a bit upset but oh well…

I have 3 more people on my list. I just took a little time out. Funny, I was too busy I didn’t even feel hungry until now that I’ve stopped doing them for a while. Well, have fun with them! I’m gonna post more probably later tonight or tomorrow.


PoWeR ouTaGe December 7, 2007

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Yesterday, Nov. 5, there was an “islandwide” power outage since I-don’t-know-when. I woke up at 4am and there wasn’t electricity anymore so I went back to sleep. I woke up again at 7:30am to get ready for my 8 o’clock class and there wasn’t any power still. Let me make you realize the importance of that thing here in the U.S. and probably to some other countries as well… IF YOU ARE USING THINGS THAT NEEDS ELECTRICITY, that is.

I walked to my classroom to see if my instructor was there. No one was there. I wanted to talk to check out our building but the sliding door won’t even work since it required electricity. I decided to go to my workplace to check if my supervisors were there. I didn’t bother going to the front door because if I slide my smartcard there, the alarm will go off. I knew no one was inside so I decided to go through the library to get to my workplace. The library was closed since the doors won’t open anyway (I guess). Oh well… without electricity, those doors won’t open (and some other doors on campus.. aaah!).

I was hungry because I haven’t had dinner yet from the day before. Since I live in Hale 1 (the dorm where we cook our own food), most of my foods are noodles and other instant foods. I do have “real food” but you need to cook them of course. I was going to get myself breakfast but then I remembered… we have an electric stove. So I couldn’t make myself breakfast. I had some food that I cooked the day before but they were very cold. The microwave won’t work either (of course, duh!)

I just went on with my day without any breakfast in my stomach. I went to check my cellphone if it has been charged. And though I plugged it before I went to bed, it was still low in battery – I mean, the battery icon was blinking! I was so bored but I couldn’t make any calls. Good thing our landline phones were working still (thank goodness they’re not IP phones yet!).

I wanted to do a bit of homework until my laptop dies. I pressed the power button on — it booted up — and tadah! It only had 1/4 of its battery life left. I was still going to use it just to check emails but the internet wasn’t working. Oh yeah, duh! There’s no power! I felt so handicapped!

Again, food came to my thoughts. Just when I’m about to decide to eat something, that’s when I remember that none of the appliances in our unit works. The caf could have something but I didn’t want to eat there either.

I read a few pages of a book when Jesse called. At least I got something to do for the next 8 hours. It was an adjustment for me to go to places to find food when power is out because back home, we didn’t need to do that. Our stoves (well, in most families at least) are gas stoves so we don’t need electricity to cook food. There will still be school as well since most schools don’t use computers to have class lectures and/or discussions anyway. Even though you have a lab class that required the use of computers, school will still go on since not all of your classes need computers. Also, we’ll usually (but this is depending on what school you are in) still be able to do our homework since the homework assigned wasn’t posted on the Internet; we were reminded of them VERBALLY. We also didn’t need power to take exams (again, depending on what school you are in) because we didn’t need scantrons or stuff like that. Exams were graded one by one by the instructor (sometimes by the class).

I just wondered how handicapped I felt here in Hawaii when the power was out yesterday. It was like a very big deal if the power will be out for more than one day. I really should’ve felt even just a little bit glad yesterday that I had a “real” excuse not to do my homework but at the same time, it made me long more to go “home” already. Maybe next time, I’ll keep dry woods and branches of trees so I can make a fire to cook food… hehehehe!!!