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It’s worth every inch, every ounce, every second… November 20, 2007

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I was sitting on the grass, under the shade of a big tree with a friend one day. One time, we both looked up in the sky at the same time and saw a bird flying towards the high branches of the tree where we were seating under. Then I remembered what I had thought before as an analogy to those birds. And I told my friend this…

One day I was walking from home to work and I passed by this palm tree and a bird was clinging to one of its leaves. He was trying to pull some strings of leaves, maybe to make a nest. I had wondered, “what if I didn’t have hands and I have to use my mouth to do things, just like this bird? That would be hard.” Then I thought that if these birds were required to do hard work just to build their nest, then we are required to work as well. I am required to work for the things that I need and want.

I realized more the value of work which I have never realized before. Sure thing, my mom really taught us the value of work but never had I realized its true value until that day. When I work for what I want and need, I feel happy about myself for accomplishing such things with my own sweat. It makes me feel that I can do things and the prize was so much worth it. It’s not just what I got out of it, but what it makes me feel about myself. It is worth every inch that I walked, every ounce that I carried, and every second that I spent. Instant gratification satisfied me but just a little bit… just because I got it too easy. Also, it’s important to remember the One who helps me accomplish the things I am doing and actually thank Him for helping me out despite my weaknesses. It is never just me alone.

And oh yeah.. those birds make really nice nests.


2 Responses to “It’s worth every inch, every ounce, every second…”

  1. Jesse Says:

    That is a very true principle, one that I sometimes don’t like to be reminded of. At times when i’m feeling lazy and don’t feel like working, it’s hard to see the worth of work. But I proved over and over taht when I do work and sweat and do something productive with my time, it really does feel good.

  2. Sue Sparks Says:

    So true, Lois! It is a good feeling to reap the benefits of hard work!:)

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