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UnTiL iT’s LoSt…. November 14, 2007

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There’s a saying that goes like, “you won’t realize what you have until you lose it” or something like that. I have oftentimes proved it to be true based on my own experience from small things like material things (i.e., a home to live in) to big things like friends, family, and love. Aside from my own experience, I have observed it happen to other people’s lives as well. It’s such a sad and painful thing to happen when you realize too late that you had what you used to have and yet you were never grateful for it, nor even felt appreciative for having those things.

(sample stories)

A wayward child always made her single mother worry about her. She thinks that her mom is ruining her life. For her mother, she’s all that she’s got. Worrying too much and because of much fatigue of working to sustain her daughter, she died of heart attack. Just then, the daughter realized how much her mother meant to her and that she’s all that she’s got.

I have so many blessings in my life. The fact that I am able to wake up in the morning is reason enough for me to grateful. If I would be given the chance, I would spend my time with those who matter to me the most – and as of now, it’s my immediate family who are very far away from me.


One Response to “UnTiL iT’s LoSt….”

  1. Jesse Says:

    That is very true. Except for rare exceptions, things I have despised at the time typically tend not to seem as bad in retrospect. I think the real question though is this: is that because things really weren’t as bad as you felt they were at the time or because you just forgot how it felt to be in that situation?

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