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pAcHeBeL… CaNoN iN D October 2, 2007

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(image by octavesolutions.co.uk) The sweet melody of this music brings back memories to me. This music was playing as I laid still in my bed, so still as if I was dead. I closed my eyes and I saw everything clearly… and even felt how I felt back then. The music serenaded my soul to the deepest emotion it can ever make. Tears run down my cheeks for a moment as I saw everything passed before my eyes and my mind… the fun times, silly times, sweet times… memories that should be kept forever. This music sang those memories to me and dug my heart to its very core. Its sweet melodies gave me an emotion so undescribable it could only make me cry….


One Response to “pAcHeBeL… CaNoN iN D”

  1. Sue Sparks Says:

    Music, many times, can transport you to a different place and time, invoking many different emotions. I once found a quote that I gave to my dad(a lover of music)…”music is love in search of a word.” I like that:)

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