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“FREE!” March 22, 2006

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(by: Me, myself, and I—LOIS)

In a dark place, I stand,
Trying to find the light,
But the more I moved on,
The more it became darker than night.

My companion left me
For I didn’t give heed to his words.
He stayed outside, but I went in,
Now I’m lost in this dark world.

It seems to me that I am
Walking on a never-ending cave,
No light, I had nothing,
I lost everything in this place.

Like a blind man, I searched for the wall,
My new companion to lead me out.
I walked a mile, or two, or more,
Still I couldn’t find my way out.

Fear strucked my weakening heart,
There was no hope for me.
I broke down, wishing I had listened
To my companion who only cared for me.

Tears were flowing, I heard footsteps coming,
I wiped my tears and looked up,
In front of me was my companion standing,
He held my hand and helped me up.

“Forgive me, I beg you”,
Was all I could say.
He wiped my tears though he looked so blue,
Then he showed me the way.

I felt saved from what seemed
A never-ending torment.
I will always be grateful for him,
And will always remember this moment.

Holding his hand, I walked with all my might,
We walked a few more feet,
Then in a distance was a spot of light,
A few feet more and I was free!