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ExCeLLeNt… April 5, 2005

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“This is so good. The best so far. You made it so coherent. You’ve got the mark of a poet…EXCELLENT!”

My heart skipped with joy as I read my instructor’s note on the paper I turned in. It was an extra credit point. The work was to take any words, phrase, or sentences in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried” and make up a poem of our own. It’s the author’s words but our own idea of topic. I like writing poems even though I’m bad at it. Most of the words and phrases I chose are from the first story of the book, “THE THINGS THEY CARRIED” since most of the parts of the story is the Lt.’s love for a girl…and most of the poems I used to write are about that kind of stuff. So I tried to scramble everything up after I chose every words and phrases and sentences that sticked to my mind…and walah! There’s my work below…

The blue-green ones are the words/phrases IN A SENTENCE that I put some place else…the purple ones are the ones I just made up to give more meaning to the poem (coz I tried not to make up words at first and it was so awkward and had no sense). I was so afraid, because English is not my native language, that my work will be just bad. But as I read my teacher’s comment, I really felt good about it! Maybe I have to work harder on writing papers (research) and essays coz that’s where I always get “not-so-good-and-not-so-bad” comments from our instructor.


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