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WiNteR baLL… March 24, 2005

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The ball will be tomorrow. I hear everybody talking about it. Every now and then, people I know ask me whether I’m goin’ or not. I also ask some people if they would go, not because I want to ask them out, it just so happened that it’s the “topic of the month”. Most girls I know painted a smile in their face as they told me they’re going to the ball. Some of them didn’t care whether or not they will come, most of them did and were so worried so much about finding a date, a dress to wear, what kind of hairstyle to do… usual stuff girls worry about when they’re goin’ to a ball like that. Some guys I know were so worried if the girl they like had already been asked by other guys or, even if not yet, they’d say “somebody’s gonna steal her from me during the ball anyways…”or “I don’t know if I can give her the fun she expects” or “She’ll probably leave me and just hang-out with her friends once she sees them”…sometimes they’re having this insecurity against other guys who’d take the girl they like away from them. So what’s the fuss with this winter ball? It seemed like it’s everyone’s concern…”seemed”…and everybody seems to have the ability to “predict” the future…haha! Lovebirds would celebrate because they don’t have to look for someone to ask out. Sometimes it sucks to be in a relationship when you badly want to go and the other one doesn’t…you’d prefer not to go because the other one doesn’t want to and even if he/she says, “But if you like to go, I will…”, you’d still prefer not to go since you know your partner won’t really enjoy the night anyways. Sometimes you’re in a relationship and you badly badly want to go out to the ball with this other person other than your bf/gf(seems bad but still true in some relationships) but you can’t coz you’re already “taken”…(well, why did you say “yes, i love you too” in the first place anyways?) Some lovebirds love each other so much that even though in the midst of being broke and could not go to the ball, they’d find ways to do other fun stuffs together because by just being together makes them happy (well, I wish I have that).
I’m not sayin’ Proms and Balls like these are not fun…well, they are! It depends on you on how you’d enjoy the day even though your date is no fun at all or even though you’d prefer to be with somebody else rather than with a group of friends. My friend told me he’s never been to any occasion like this one and he’s worried about his “actions-to-be”…well… you don’t have to worry a single thing, you just have to be yourself. If you like your date and you kinda mess things up, don’t worry about it. If he/she is mature enough, then they will understand. If you pretend and not be yourself, you’d have to keep up with that the entire night,,,prob’ly the entire time you’ll be with that person…and that’s really uncomfortable. Who knows, your partner might start to like you by just being you, and if they don’t, it’s not your loss (look who’s talkin’).
So yes, let’s see what the “will-be-topic-of-the-week” after this Winter Ball…sounds fun eh? ^_^ Let’s see how people will react to the night they will have…the cause and the effect…not to say I want to barge in everybody’s own monkey business, let them keep their own business and privacy for themselves. You’ll hear the news in the air anyways… 😛