Lovin’ Life

Just lovin’ my life with Jesse

SiLeNciO… January 13, 2005

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…silence separated them apart. Silence made her long more to be in his heart. She came over, he was about to go. She could only give him a look that would seem for the guy that he’s just a friend to her. She only waved goodbye and waited for a reply. She longed for him to stay longer, but her silence forbid her to say so. She only looked at him as he turned away. Without any words, he opened the door, looked back at her and waved goodbye. He took the first step, she only looked at him eventhough she wanted to say so much to him. Just before he took his second step, without even a sigh, he turned back to her and walked towards her. Without uttering a word, she blankly looked at him, wondered why he went back. Without any words ever said, he looked at her eyes. The world stopped, or atleast it felt like that. He looked at her, it seemed forever. No words ever said. He grabbed her by her shoulder, pulled her closer to him then he hugged her tight, so tight that she felt the beat of his heart in his chest. She felt secured by those arms, she felt safe although she did not hug him back. She wondered why he hugged her. There were so many reasons she could think of but she never asked. As soon as he let go of her after several seconds, he looked at her and she looked back at him. She just gave him a smile without any words ever said. Then again, he stepped out of the door, looked back at her for the last minute, and waved goodbye…without saying any word.