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cHriStMaS dAy!!! December 27, 2004

Filed under: life in general — Lois Sparks @ 12:15 am

Hmmm…Christmas day had passed. At first I thought it won’t go on so well…but I’m happy it did. My friends: Ley, Anggi, Renee, and I went to the so-called “point” to watch the sunrise. We were at the big rocks and the ocean was below those rocks. It was my first time to see sunrise..especially at the beach. I haven’t had ANY sleep at all so, when we got back home, I went back to bed in Ley’s room. Then after 3 hours, I woke up..and Kheng, my friend from work, called. He invited me to go with him to town with his neighbor and his neighbor’s girlfriend. I feel bad at first cuz I had to leave Ley, I knew she had nothing to do for the day…especially if I’m not around. She told me I can go and that she will be okay but that didn’t convince me. But I still went to town with Kheng. We went to Pearl City, his neighbor’s girlfriend’s foster parent’s place…(get it?) For the first time these passed weeks, I felt the Christmas spirit in that home. The foster dad told me I can go back there anytime I want to.
Then we went to Waikiki to eat dinner…at “The Cheesecake Factory” restaurant. It was expensive to eat there but oh boy! The food was so satisfying. I mean, I couldn’t even finish my Teriyaki Chicken…Kheng finished it for me. I really had fun but not so much of it coz I know I have a friend in Laie who is not doing anything at Christmas day.
As soon as I got back home, I went straight to Ley’s room to check how her day has been. As soon as I entered her door, and seeing her eyes were red, I knew she was crying. I really felt bad, I only had hoped that for the last minute of the day (which would be in just half an hour), she would be happy. The day went by but atleast she became happy coz after 12am, one of the most special people in her life came to see her again…I’ve been wishing for him to come and see her…I’m so happy he did. Atleast, I can say now that both of our Christmas day went on well…


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