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“Because a Baby is Now a Lady” December 15, 2004

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I just can’t help thinking about how I was when I was still young. Whenever we visit our grandparents (mother’s side) in Manila, I would always go wherever my mom goes. And if we’re about to go back home, my grandmother (my mom’s aunt) would always give me a joke by asking me if I want to stay there forever. Whenever she does that to me, I’d run to my mom, cling to her legs and shake my head saying no…then I’d just keep on hugging my mom’s legs (atleast I think I WAS like that). I seldom say words when I was young whenever we’re on a different place other than our own home. I may say, I was the most shy child they had. I never really talked to my grandparents or to any visitor we had in our home. But what I really can remember is that I’d always cling to my mother’s legs or hide behind her whenever my grandma would say she’ll steal me and keep me with her away from my mom.
I just find it a wonder how I made it here. I never left my parents’ side (FAR FROM THEM) before. I mean, I never experienced actually getting separated from them by not living in our home and not be with them everyday and mingle with people I really don’t know. Back then, just the mere thought of me talking to other Filipinos whom I see as strangers drives me scared already. I don’t know how I came to survive in this place alone…I mean, not being with my family. I don’t know why I’m writing this, maybe it’s the effect of being “homesick” consecutively these passed days…maybe it’s because Christmas is coming and this will be the first Christmas I’ll be away from my family. I’ve never felt so homesick before. I just felt it this month coz I’ve seen people be with their family or I’ve seen lots who take out their luggages out of the hale, letting me understand that they’d be spending Christmas with their family. Anyways, atleast I still got friends left here who share the same feelings I have right now. Well, I think I should end this, else I’m not going anywhere and I really feel bad right now!


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