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BoReD tO dEaTh… December 11, 2004

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smile! 😀

Well, that’s what I find hard to do right now. Fall semester is over. Students in this campus are either spending their winter break to their homelands (and then gonna be back next semester) or moving out or graduating and never gonna come back again. Well, right now I “INTENSELY” feel homesick. My swing partner, one of my closest friend here, is “flying” right now (I mean, he’s on a plane). He left this place (University) just this afternoon and I miss his company badly already…(what more during winter break?HUH??) What’s left of me here are my “girl”friends and there’s only one CLOSE “guy” friend that’s here. I’m really bored right now. I tried to talk to people but they’re all out, including my roommate. Atleast she’s not that bored. I can see that Thomas is online (I used to chat with him late at night). I sent him an instant message but there was no reply. My computer cannot even entertain me enough. I see this night as a perfect symbol of a graveyard’s mood. The wind is cold and it’s freakin’ freezing right now. The only warm place I can go to is my room..thank goodness! My room is warm enough to heat up this coldness that i feel (literally and figuratively).


One Response to “BoReD tO dEaTh…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    what you could do is call some frends, call me your kuya and we’ll figure out something!! take care!!

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