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WaVeZ… December 9, 2004

Filed under: life in general,random — Lois Sparks @ 5:20 am

Hmmm…guess what! I am in the LIBRARY!!! Hahaha! Silly..I came here to read for my Physics exam… 😛 Well, I’m just gonna spend some few time here…still got 3 hours to go before this building closes… 😛

I went to the Hukilau Beach this afternoon..I slacked and procrastinated my study habits again. Well, I think it’s all good since I’m trying to spend some more time with my friend before he goes to…(Mainland? I forgot! :P)..whatever! He’s leaving pretty soon so I’m trying to spend quality time with him coz I know winter break will be much different without him.

The waves were..uh…let me say..uhm..big? 😛 They were pretty strong and high for me (for a 5’2″ girl). I never got afraid to go for a swim since I was 5 years old. Between me and my younger siblings, I was always the one who has the courage to go on a deep water without our parents by my side. Of course, I have lifeguards on (we call it “floaters”) but most of the children my age would still be scared to be on their own in the deep water.

Let me say..this afternoon was the first time I got scared?! I mean, REALLY scared! Coz I really got scared…:P I was confident that I can take the waves but, when I got there, oh boy! Hahaha! My friend says it like, “you ate the wave badly!” I did! There were times when I tried to “catch” the wave, I jumped too early and the wave will just swallow me down..hahaha! I think it’s 3 waves that tumbled me up and down. But one of those was the one that really scared me. It was a big wave and I tried to swim with it but then I still lacked experience with “big” waves so, it swallowed me. I was underwater, tumbling again,,,but when I tried to get on the surface, it was too deep for me and the water just pulled me back downward and I think there was another wave then, so I was stuck underwater. If I didn’t have ANY idea (at all) on how to swim, I might have had drowned already. So, that’s the reason why I did not go back to the sea after we took a shower and washed off the sands in our shirts. I was really scared but I think my friend didn’t believe me. Well, so much for being a girl, huh? They’d think you’re just trying to catch some attention. Oh well, it’s all good! What happened to me is an adventure, and it challenges me to go back there and be “used” to it. That’s life!


One Response to “WaVeZ…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I thought u said no blogs this week??!!!! Can’t help it huh?
    -kuya George-

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