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I’m feelin’ so good…FINAL EXAMS… December 9, 2004

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Hmmm…I just can’t bear the thought of not writing down (or should i say “typing down”???:P) the things that’s coming in my head right now.

Today, I had Final exam in my CS 101 class..it’s a C language programming class. This time, it’s 5 programs and 1 bonus point (10 pts). I did not review the day before so I was pretty sure I’m not gonna be able to finish the test. But then, things flowed easily. I had a hard time but not really hard. And when I got to take the bonus point (coz u have to turn in the exam first before you can take the bonus point), I thought I wouldn’t be able to run the program. The code was already written on the hard disk’s memory, you just have to find the logical and syntax errors and make them right for the program to run. So..it was really a luck for me, may I say! And this Monday, I did not really get enough sleep the day before (Sunday) coz I was really reading all the readings we had after the Midterms for Intercultural Communications class. Our teacher gave us an allowance of 11-2pm time. I thought I can go to the testing center as long as it is not yet 2pm. I came there at 1:15. Usually, the first two tests that we had on that class, it took me an hour and a half to finish the test without thinking that much “yet” and they were just one essay (and some true and false and short answer questions). This time, it was the same but there were 2 essays. I came in there, and the student aid said, “you have to finish this before 2 o’clock” Oh my! It was like my jaw dropped open when I heard that. But then again, I still felt good after the exam. I didn’t get to answer two short answer questions but hey, things were just rushing down in my brain for answers each time I read the questions..ain’t that good enough? To finish that exam in less than 45 minutes when it usually takes you an hour and a half?…

I have two more exams to go..both on Friday..my most disliked subject (besides MATH)..PHYSICS! And English..where I still have to write a research paper…”the culture of my major”…duh! (Sometimes I find that topic lame). Oh well, I “think” that that would be for my benefit anyways, right?

To y’all who’s still having exams this week, GOODLUCK!!! Don’t aim for just a “passing” grade, aim for a “high” grade..(that’s what my mom always tells me)..well, I’m tired..I’ve been playin’ with the waves on Hukilau Beach this afternoon (BIG WAVES!!!)..gotta go get some sleep and then see Jenn Jones Piano Recital later…kia ora!


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