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Finals week,,,kia ora! December 6, 2004

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“repeat, repeat the sounding joy”…people from Hale 5 are singin’ this song…dang! It makes me feel that i want to go home right now. Hmmm…it’s a Sunday today. I took a nap after church. Well, it’s supposed to be a 2-hour nap, but it became a 5-hour “sleep”. Well, I have no regrets coz I’m wide awake while I’m reviewing for my exam tomorrow and for the coming days this coming week. I’m expecting that this coming week will be like Halloween for me coz I will have no sleep and no social life for 5 days. NO BLOG FOR A WHILE!!! (hope so..if I can have the self-control). So, for y’all who’s also takin’ final exams this comin’ week, GOODLUCK! Til Friday night people! (Aloha Friday,,,NO SCHOOL ANYMORE, YEAH!!!) Kia ora..(this is lois signing off for a while..:P)…


One Response to “Finals week,,,kia ora!”

  1. Ebenezer Says:

    ows???? is that true my dear? no blogs for the week? let me see!! I’m excited to see this!! hahah goodluck darlin!!!

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